Designed for Curious Minds

Fabric book for young children, toddlers and infants

  • Handmade

    Materials are safe for young children, and are beautifully designed and stitched. The books have all been designed in the UK.

  • Stocked in U.K.

    All books are made in advance, and are stocked in the UK. We ship within a day of orders being placed, so no lengthy wait times! We also stock spares.

  • Interactive

    Our books contain lots of interactive activities, from zips and shoelaces through to plaiting, to keep your children busy and give a hand with assisted play.

  • Fully CE Approved

    Fully approved and tested by a third party laboratory to conform to CE and EN571 regulations for toys for ages 12m+

  • Socially Active

    We list on lots of reputable websites, Facebook, Amazon and eBay among others, so please let our other happy customers speak for themselves!

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