My Quiet Book (Improved Edition)

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Improved edition 

In addition to the initial design, we have improved the design based on customer feedback to offer;

  • More robust fittings and play items
  • Softer play material
  • Two more exciting activities to make a total of 12 pages
  • Redesigned images for a more vibrant book


The second in the range of quiet books from My Quiet Book, designed and shipped from the UK. Each page has a new activity for your child, from tying a shoelace to zips, this Quiet Book is ideal for both girls and boys from the ages of 12m+ onwards, and is perfect for assisted play, introducing new concepts in an interesting way to hold your child's attention.

Our Quiet Book consists of twelve pages full of vibrant colours and activities, designed to keep your child entertained and eager to return to find out more.

Pages and Activities;

  1. Sock matching and putting socks in the washing machine; hand-eye coordination, and pattern matching.
  2. Ladybird spots; matching colours.
  3. New; Flowers and button; hand coordination and fine motor skills
  4. Shape matching with animals on sea and land.
  5. Shape matching with animals on sea and land.
  6. Belt and trousers; fine motor skills.
  7. Plaiting; fine motor skills and coordination.
  8. Owl clock; introduction to telling the time.
  9. Crocodile zip; fine motor skills.
  10. Picking apples and basket; hand-eye coordination.
  11. New; Tic-tac-toe with rabbits and carrots; strategy, tactic and observations 
  12. Tying shoe laces; coordination and fine motor skills. 

Entirely made of fabric, the Quiet Book is extremely strong and versatile. Fully EC compliant and tested by third party laboratory under current toy regulations. 

Photographs are generally representative of the product however there may be some differences in the book that you receive as each book is handmade.

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